Server Rules (Must Read)

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Server Rules (Must Read)

Post by CrispyTuna on Thu Feb 04, 2016 5:09 pm

1.) Golden Rule of this Server

DON’T BE A DOUCHEBAG (Respect the Admins).

2.) Camping

By definition killing any player excessively in a specific spot with no reason.

Camping Exemption:

If you are being raided and you are re-spawning in beds that you have placed down prior to the raid. You are subject to be killed repeatedly as you are still considered a threat till you call mercy or the raid has concluded.
3.) Grieving and Terrorizing Players

Actions imposed to the person without reason. Abusing anyone to the point that they cannot play the game for hours and eventually quitting the server is not allowed.

What is considered abuse?

Applying Narcotics excessively
Picking Players with Flying Dinos excessively
Excessive Base Destruction/Breach of Raiding Rules (see offline raiding rules)
4.) Killing low level players

By definition the act of K.O.S. is killing low level players under level 30 that is new, not in a tribe with high levels, and learning the game.

K.O.S. does not apply to:

Players that are in a tribe that has 1 or more level 100 players.

5.) Taming Progress

Interference with a player taming a dino is not allowed.


Inflicting damage to lower effectiveness
Stealing food or any items to lower effectiveness

You must be next to the unconscious dino at all times , if left, the rule does not apply
If you are at war with a tribe and you are found taming, as long as someone from your tribe is standing next to the unconscious dino and is not participating in the battle, this rule still applies and opposing tribe must leave them alone.
If the player that is taming fires the first shot to a player, he or she violated this rule and can be attacked by that player if he or she wants to retaliate.
Dinos affected/exemptions:

All Water Dinos
All Flying Dinos
All Land Dinos
* exemptions

1.) Passive Dino Pen

You may create a special kind of pen to keep your dinos safe while you are offline or away from base. Killing dinos in another players passive pen is a bannable offense (under extreme circumstances there will be NO warnings, a perm ban will be issued immediately).

We HIGHLY recommend having a roof over your pen. It helps protect from wild dinos as well as players looking to break this rule.

Dinos inside the pen do not have to actually be on passive. You may set them to neutral in case if something spawns in your pen.


Self standing structure away from your main base.
Maximum of 200 foundations/tile size.
At least 6 foundations away from any other structure
Contains no storage, crafting items, or weapons
The dinos inside the pen have no storage, crafting items, or weapons in their inventory
Has had initial inspection / approval by an admin
Has an obvious billboard marking it as a passive pen.
No more than 200 floor tiles of dino walking space. If you do a second level those tiles count towards your total. You may still use fence foundations instead of regular foundations however it will be hard to be totally accurate. It will be up to the inspecting admin to estimate if too large.
Passive Pen Dimensions

Passive Pen Example (200 Foundations/Tile Space)
No more than 200 floor tiles of dino walking space.
If you do a second level those tiles count towards your total.
You may still use fence foundations instead of regular foundations however it will be hard to be totally accurate.
Admins will perform random checks on passive pens (not always when you are online). Any infractions will be recorded and you will not always be notified. If we feel you are abusing this pen in any way an appropriate punishment will be issued. Punishment will constitute of a timeout / ban or complete destruction of the pen and dinos depending on the scenario.

2.) Base HQ   This Temporarily disabled till further notice.

Tribe HQ protects player made structure to be protected when offline raids occur. (When nobody in the tribe is ONLINE)

Protections include: Items included here are prohibited by raiders to destroy.

Crafting Stations
Raiders are allowed to do the following:

Break in with minimal damage, destroy only what you need to get to their storage.
Take what you want and leave, do not stick around for extended period of times.
You may destroy the “Protected Items” above if it is blocking storage areas.
*Make sure to please clearly label (billboards) your main building structure as “[Tribe] HQ”.
       See offline raiding rules below for reasons.                                                                                             

 You must register your Tribe HQ HERE! to be verified as a Tribe HQ.                                  

-Raiding Guidelines (Mandated)-

1.) Offline Raids (when no one is online)

Please refer back to “2.) Base HQ“

Any other bases or structures that aren’t Passive Pens or HQ Building are not protected by the offline raid ruling.

2.) Online Raid / War / Mercy

Online Raid:

There are no limitations to Online Raid / War, be sure to follow the “General Rules (Mandated)”

The defending tribe has the option of calling mercy at any time ( whether or not you are being raided)

There are certain guidelines that must be followed to successfully call a mercy.

To call mercy you must state the call in PUBLIC chat.
Tribe calling the mercy needs to disable their defenses and allow the attacking tribe to access their storage of 30 minutes (from when the mercy is called).
Post a new thread in the forum HERE and report and log your mercy call. (This is to ensure the defender’s protection is logged)
Ruling: Breaking the ruling is a permanent ban (indisputable)

Once mercy is called the defending tribe can not be raided (Online or Offline) by other tribes for 72 hours.
The tribe that calls mercy is not to engage aggression to other tribes or engage in raiding during the 72 hour grace period.

A.) What happens if they have a secret room full of stuff hidden?
The attacking tribe would have to find it when they were attacking anyway. The people running the raid should be able to find it and tell the defending tribe to open the room.
B.) What happens if the defending tribe loads a bunch of birds and flies away before calling mercy?
Same thing as above, this is something the attacking tribe would have had to deal with either way. Chase them down and kill them. Mercy only applies while at your main base.
C.) What if the defending tribe tries to drag out opening their boxes until the timer is up?     If the defending tribe is not removing the pins from their boxes after a mercy call, feel free to break them. Structures like smithies, refining forges, and fabricators have open inventories and can not be pinned, this rule excludes objects with open inventories.
D.) What about reparations?                                                                                                
Any repayment policy/preventive polices between the attacking and defending tribes needs to be worked out between the attacker and defender.

Bans are generally issued as follows


First: 24 hour
Second: 72 hour
Third: Perm
Under certain extreme circumstances (as determined by an admin) we may skip right to perm ban.

– In Depth Rules –

This is an in depth FAQ on the rules. Please read carefully. We cannot insure every single event will be covered from the beginning, some situations are unforeseen and will be added as the admins, and server owner make judgement calls. We have attempted to answer the majority of your questions here.


Q1. What is the admin and moderators idea of KOS?

A1. KOSing is when you see a low level player trying to learn the game, or just beginning on our server, and you kill him or her for no reason at all. Especially when they are not in a base. We see low level as 30 and below! Above this, you are potentially at risk for being killed if you have made an enemy.

Q2. Is there a time when it is legitimate to utterly destroy someones base?

A2. If the player or tribe is online, and actively fighting you, you may continue to attack until all resistance ceases. The exception, and what every tribe needs to remember, is if they openly yell for mercy, or a ceasefire, all offensive attacking and counter attacks must cease for the next 72 hours.

Q3. Is there a situation where I can defend my territory and annihilate an enemy base within a perimeter of my own established base, and if so, what is the distance?

A3. This is a case by case issue. If they have built close to you and are being hostile, warn them to relocate or you will burn everything to the ground. If they refuse and continue, you have the right to burn it to the ground. Note, this is for newer bases being built around an established base. Not for two large bases to obliterate one another while the other is offline because it is in “your” territory.

Q4. Is there an established border of areas that are not to be deemed [NFZ] No Fly Zones, such as rivers, or if shot by a turret on a river, do I then have permission to remove that turret?

A4. There are no designated non-NFZ areas. You can build in the middle of a river, however you may end up inciting the wrath of players traveling through and will most likely be a target. You may kill any turret of any player, at any time.

Q5. We are not allowed to block caves, can we build in them for the betterment of the rest of the server, such as ramps over or under parts that our dinos may get stuck or behave wildly?

A5. Yes, you can build in a cave, as long as it is not a base, and does not block the cave from others progression within.

Q6. I was attacked! My anger is boiling over! What am I allowed to do, if they broke no server rules but I have a good idea of who was responsible?

A6. If you have a good idea of the culprit, raid them back and get your materials back! Don’t break any server rules in the process.

Q7. Someone baited me into their base by shooting me, and taunting me on voice communication! In the process of trying to kill him, I killed an uncon and now hes saying the admin is going to ban me, what do I do?

A7. Ignore him, try to record proof of them taunting you, and tell an admin what happened ASAP. The taunting, baiting player, on a case by case basis, may be banned.

Q8. How much is leaving “something” for someone to come back to?

A8. Break a wall or two to get in, and steal what you want, but leave the base structure standing. People use their time to build their bases, they still need their base.

Q9. Someone has their dinos on a cliff by a body of water, without a proper wall/fence/enclosure, or their dino warped through the wall. Am I allowed to drown the dino by letting it chase me into the water?

A9. If it is on passive, no. If it is on neutral, or aggressive, yes you may drown another players dinos. Maybe they will learn to put a pen around their dinos to prevent this from happening.

Q10. I knocked out my enemy, how long can I keep him uncon and feeding him narcotics or narcoberries?

A10. Roughly, an hour. Or until the person asks very nicely because he cant play AT ALL which would be very frustrating and make a player quit.

Q11. Are we allowed to imprison someone in a cell and keep them as a blood bag until they manage to escape or be freed by their tribe?

A11. You can put them in a cell, but if they have no one to rescue them, or their tribe just cant, you must kill/let them go after one hour of containment.

Q12. Is it ok to shoot another persons tame while its taming to ruin effectiveness, or to kill it?

A12. NO! Shooting another persons taming creature falls under grieving on this server and is a bannable offense. Same with dino bombing a tame.

Q13. Before I read theres no killing uncon/offline players, why did this change?

A13. Simply because as administration, we do not currently have the tools to enforce such a rule. As the developers increase our tools, and abilities as admins, we will continue to edit, and change the rules. Rules that we cannot enforce, has led to many, many situations where the admins were called, and we just have incomplete evidence to make a proper judgment call.

Q14. Why are so many rules being adjusted, tweaked, removed, or changed?

A14. See answer 13. The tools just do not exist, as many players are realizing this we are having to edit the way we judge situations. Certain factors in this server will always remain, for instance, KOS’ing new players, WAR rules will always be being tweaked but still generally remain the same, grieving players will always not be tolerated. We want a fun, pvp lite but friendly server and community. We know players will come and go, but when they decide to come back, we want to be foremost in their minds.


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